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The Four Pairs Of Eyeglasses Every Stylish Woman Should Have

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One of the best things about wearing glasses, rather than contacts, is that you get to make them into an accessory! Like earrings, purses, and scarves, eyeglasses come in so many different styles that coordinate with various outfits and looks. But since glasses typically cost a bit more than casual jewelry, you probably don't want to keep 20 pairs in stock. If you collect just the following four types of eyeglasses, you should be ready for any occasion.

Simple Black Frames

Every woman needs a pair of thick, black, plastic-framed glasses. These are great for wearing around the house, to the gym, or on a quick run to the grocery store. The black goes with everything, so you don't need to worry about clashing. Plus, plastic frames of this type are typically very durable, so you do not need to worry about them breaking when you go rough-and-tumble things like boxing classes or carrying way too many groceries at once.

Bright-Colored Frames

These will be your fun and festive frames. They're the ones you'll wear to outdoor concerts, kids' birthday parties, and other casual yet upbeat affairs. Choose a bright color, but one that coordinates with a lot of items in your wardrobe. Bright blue works well for many ladies -- especially those with blue eyes. Red is a good choice if you want to tone things down just a tad.

Professional, Minimal Frames

This will be the pair of glasses you wear when you have an important work meeting, a job interview, or are attending a seminar. Look for ones with a very thin, minimal frame made from gold or silver material. These glasses should be simple so they do not detract from your professional appearance or call a lot of attention to themselves. Opt for a very classic shape, like long rectangular lenses.

Stylish, Yet Sophisticated Frames

This final pair of glasses will be your go-to for most days in the office, for meals out at a nice restaurant, and for classier celebrations. They should have something unique about them -- like a different shape or a pop of color in the corners. Overall, however, you want them to be pretty neutral in color so you can wear them with a lot of outfits.

Having just one pair of glasses rarely fits the bill, but there's no need for 100, either! Purchase yourself these four types of glasses, and you'll be set for style. Click here to continue reading more about this topic.