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Seasonal Eye Care Tips

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Each season brings you different weather and with these changing conditions, you need to make some changes to how you care for your eyes. Read on for some eye care tips for every single season.


In the winter months, the air is going to be dry. You may notice your skin drying out during this time, and your eyes are no exception. To help prevent your eyes from drying out, be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to keep your eyes hydrated as well. Winter is also a time when you are spending a lot of time indoors. While inside, make sure to have enough light for things like reading, surfing the internet, watching television, or doing other things in your home so you aren't straining your eyes to see.


Spring months are when everything is blooming again all around. All of this new growth is going to lead to extra pollen and other allergens being emitted into the air. These allergens can irritate your eyes, leading to itchy or watery eyes. Avoid going outside on these days whenever possible, or take an allergy medication to help prevent eye issues on days when the pollen counts are high. 


During the summer months you may be doing some swimming in lakes, pools, or the ocean. When you swim, be sure to wear swimming goggles to protect your eyes from bacteria that may be in the water. If you don't have goggles, try your best not to open your eyes under the water and avoid rubbing your eyes. 


Fall days may feel crisp and cool, but don't let the weather fool you. The sunlight beating down can still do damage to your eyes. Protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays by wearing sunglasses that protect against UV-A and UV-B rays. Look for this protection tag on any pair of sunglasses you purchase so you know you are protected. You should wear sunglasses anytime you are out in the sunlight. It can also protect your eyes from straining them when you squint from the sunlight. Wearing glasses can also protect your eyes when you're outside from debris blowing around in those fall months.

Each season you should protect your eyes to keep them healthy. If you are experiencing any issues with your vision, be sure to visit your optometrist for an eye exam and checkup.