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Contact Lenses – Making It Possible To Truly Let Go And Enjoy Summer

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Summer comes with all sorts of fun outside activities. If you wear glasses, you know how difficult it can be to completely let go and enjoy all that there is to be explored outdoors. If you don't have contact lenses, it might be time to talk with your eye doctor about getting fitted for contacts. Here, you'll find a little information that'll help you prepare for the discussion and make the decision to go with contacts this year.

Failed Prior Attempt

If you have tried to wear contact lenses in the past and it didn't work out well for you, don't give up. There are new products being introduced that make it easier for you to wear contact lenses. So many older adults tried contact lenses years ago, but the materials used to make contact lenses have changed, and what was once uncomfortable for many is now a viable and comfortable option for clear sight.

Daily Wear Lenses

If you're worried that you won't be able to find the time to take care of contact lenses properly, that's no longer an excuse. You don't have to clean daily wear contact lenses, nor do you have to store them.

Daily wear lenses are meant to be worn for just one day – at the end of the day, you throw them away. The only downside to daily wear lenses is that they are very, very thin. This makes it difficult for new lens wearers to handle them and get them put in the eyes the right way. You will get it, it might just take a few attempts each morning until you become accustomed to doing it.

Extended Wear Lenses

If you don't like the idea of taking your contacts out each night and having to find time to get them put in during the morning rush, you can talk with the eye doctor about extended wear contact lenses. These lenses aren't good for everyone, but if you have healthy eyes that produce enough natural moisture, this type of lens could work for you. This type of contact lens is made to be worn for several days without having to be taken out each night. Just make sure that you discuss the possibility and what it takes to care for your eyes when you wear extended wear lenses.

Talk with your eye doctor to learn more about how contact lenses have changed and what might make it possible to leave your glasses at home while you go and enjoy the beautiful weather.