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3 Ways To Help The Healing Process After Cataract Surgery

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Cataract surgery can help you get your vision back. However, it is still a surgery, which means you need to take the recovery process seriously. You need to follow all of your eye doctor's recovery tips and advice, as well as the tips below, to assist with the recovery process.

Get Some Rest

After the surgery, you should plan on getting some rest. Even though the surgery is a really quick process, you may feel tired after you get home. You are going to want to allow your eyes a chance to rest, and one of the best ways to do that is by taking a nap. Make sure to give yourself time to take a nap, and just in general get a little extra sleep, in the days following your surgery. Resting and sleeping will allow your eyes a real change to heal. 

Protect Your Eyes

You need to take extra steps to protect your eyes. After the surgery, you are going to want to put on some sunglasses to protect yourself from the bright lights outside. Your eyes are going to be a little sensitive to light following your surgery; you may even find yourself preferring to wear the sunglasses inside your home, or just turn off or turn down the lights.

Your eye doctor is going to be a shield over your eye in order to keep it from being hit or hurt in any way. Keep the shield on for the time specified by your doctor. You should also wear the shield when you sleep at night; lots of movement happens during the evening hours when you are asleep, and the shield will protect your eyes from damage.

Entertain Your Ears

Even when you are awake, try to give your eyes a break. Don't binge on Netflix as your eyes heal; instead, listen to your favorite book on tape. Don't spend hours scrolling through and reading articles; instead, list to your favorite podcast.

Staring at the screen or television can be really stressful during the best of times; doing so when your eyes have just undergone a serious surgery can be even more stressful on your eyes. Give your eyes a break and indulge your ears a little bit during the healing process.

Speed up the healing process from cataract surgery by protecting your eyes, giving them some rest, and entertaining your ears. The more you allow your eyes to heal, the better the recovery outcome will be.