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3 Signs You Should Have Your Eyes Examined

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Your eyes provide you with a very important sense—the sense of sight. If you don't take care of your eyes, your vision could be in jeopardy. If your vision is compromised, you could do more damage to it if you don't go to the optometrist for an eye exam and for treatment that may be necessary. You should have your eyes examined for a number of reasons, including the prevention of vision loss and the diagnosis of potential vision issues and concerns. Read on for a few signs that you should have your eyes examined.

1. You're Having Issues Seeing Clearly

If you are experiencing issues being able to see clearly, or you see double, or you see halos around objects or lights, you should get to the optometrist for an exam and for treatment options. Your eyes need to be examined in order catch a potential problem and to diagnose you properly so you can get the right type of treatment necessary to treat your condition. If you have any issues seeing at all, even if it's just a change in your prescription that needs to be updated, you should get an eye exam so you can see clearly.

2. Your Eyes Are Constantly Dry

If you constantly have dry eyes, you should have your eyes examined. You could have dry eyes from a number of other health issues, including diabetes, thyroid disease, or it could just be dry eye syndrome. Either way, you need to have this diagnosed and treated as needed. Dry eyes can lead to issues or concerns with eye strain and this can lead to other vision concerns, including vision loss over time. If you have constant dry eyes, you need to have this checked by your optometrist and treated.

3. Your Eyes Are Infected

An eye infection is not something you should ignore or say that it will heal on it's own. This is something you need to have treated by the optometrist to prevent worsening the infection, and to prevent it from spreading to others. An eye infection can lead to vision loss if you do not have it treated and it worsens. 

If you don't take care of your eyes, you are putting your vision in jeopardy. Make an appointment with an optometrist to have your eyes examined today if you have any of the above-mentioned signs or if you haven't been to the optometrist in a while to have your eyes examined.

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